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So, ... what do you love?


what you love …

in an adventure to meet

the enthusiasm that is you,

your natural motivation, and

to glow with confidence.

we call it a Retreat

because it combines a time of peace and adventure in a way that lets your natural knowing flourish to guide you to what you really want in life.

dissatisfied with your current career, or the guidance

to choose a future career?

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin
Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 4.58.53 PM.png

want to match what you love

to a fulfilling career?

this is your moment!

ready to do what you love

and earn a good living?

wanting to refresh, pause the train, briefly, and

step off to self-discovery?

longing to connect

with your core passions

that have been there

all along?

prepared to discover and choose your favorite passion and match it to a fulfilling career?

ready to go beyond just

a career assessment and

take action toward

your dream career?

Find out how

we can help!

Contact us at: 


or use Contact Form below.

Online retreats available internationally

Berkeley   •   Santa Barbara   •   Ventura


Passion Spark Retreat Workshops

Berkeley • Santa Barbara • Ventura​

Tel: 510-240-1022​

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