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Parent Invitation

An optional and unique form of participation, 

separate from the online workshops, and at no cost,

is available for parents of students,

and for those in mid-career,

 who are currently enrolled in a Passion Spark Retreat.


Invitation to


Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin
Science Student
Audio Engineer
Multiracial students are walking in univ

At Passion Spark, participants engage in private groups with five other peers. 

A new option enables them to invite their parents to a separate home or zoom gathering.

A parent's love for their student is like no other.  They care so much and want their student to enjoy a fulfilling career.  For many parents this is a top goal in life right now.

You can see it in a parent's eyes when they talk with their student about the next steps after high school.

If a parent or other family member(s) would like to participate (at no cost), and the student participant at Passion Spark agrees, family meetings take place at home, or with a free zoom link. Passion Spark provides an agenda and a curriculum to guide these 45-minute weekly family gatherings.

A Passion Spark Retreat overview is shown at, and comments from past participants is at

During the Gathering, the student and the family member(s) rotate who presents the scripted curriculum by passing-the-baton to each other when it's their turn to lead. Separately, mid-career peers may also invites their parents to private gatherings. Gatherings include sharing new content, pausing to write notes, and sharing thoughts with each other.


More than a weekly update about the Retreat, these family gatherings open a new way for parents and students to learn each others' ideas about education paths toward a fulfilling career.

A Family Agreement (below) describes the roles of each participant and is to be signed by all participants. The purpose of the Agreement is to provide a mutually focused tangible step to confirm equal standing for all meeting participants.  A PDF for printing the Agreement is below.

Family Agreement and Contact Form follow below Counselor's Letter

Family Agreement

for Passion Spark Family Gatherings

Family members and advocates sign below to agree as follows:

1.  To maintain a kind and generous spirt throughout each gathering, and to give full attention to whomever is speaking at the moment.

2. To meet once a week for 45-minutes, for eight weeks, on any day that works for all participants, that is after the student's most recent online Retreat gathering. 

3.  To follow the Passion Spark Retreat Agenda and Curriculum that were developed for the family gatherings.  


4.  To make every effort possible to be available for each meeting, and to be flexible when needing to reschedule.  The initial time for the weekly meeting is _____________________

(Fill in blank, for example, "Sundays at 11 AM").


5.  To keep a personal mini-journal and to write notes during the meeting, as guided by the Passion Spark curriculum. 


6.  Each participant to be open, while respecting their prior commitments, to choose to allow the meeting to extend a bit longer when, unexpectedly, a few extra minutes is useful. 

7. To bring each meeting to a gracious and caring ending.  




Student's Name (printed)                         


_________________________      ______________

Student's Signature                             Date


Family Member Name (printed)                         


_________________________      ______________

Family Member Signature         Date




Family Member Name (printed)                   



_________________________      ______________

Family Member Signature         Date


CONTACT FORM for Family Participation

To be contacted about Parent/Family Member Participation, without yet committing to participate, please complete and submit this form now.  Next, materials will be emailed to you

after your student is enrolled in Passion Spark.
Select your student's grade level.
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