Retreat Components

This page presents the Passion Spark Retreat components is various ways, available by clicking a button on this page.  Above each button is a brief description of what will be found after clicking that button. 

The Retreat Overview is a great place to begin for a comprehensive view of Passion Spark.  Additional detail is provided in the links below.

The Retreat Components Summary page describes the three primary types of activities that comprise the Retreat.

Graphic:  Passion to Career shows an overview of all the components of the Retreat on one page and how Retreat participants progress from identifying a passion and then matching it to a satisfying career.

The rationale for Why Passion Spark Makes Sense and why the Retreat exists is described in this one summary page.

Examples from admissions officers at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and Design Center provide a broad view of why passion is important.

Why community college students appreciate Passion Spark as an adventure to integrate the "4 Pillars of Guided Pathways" to increase their success.

The 8 Career and College Supports page describes 8 core benefits for students planning to attend a college or vocational school.

The Benefits of Purpose is a page offering a very brief philosophical underpinning of why passion and purpose lead to a fulfilling life.

Making autonomous choices is a key to intrinsic motivation and a satisfying life.  This page is a short academic abstract on this topic.

Once a favorite passion is chosen it is then matched to a specific career as detailed on this page of all careers, per the State of California.

Vocational Careers are found among these same 15 industry sectors.

"Intelligently matching passion to career"