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Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Specific Passion Spark Benefits

1.  Increase college acceptances by demonstrating your authentic passion and focus in your applications.


With competition for the best colleges, and the most specialized colleges, at a high level, college applications that communicate their authentic passion and focus for a career path increase acceptance letters from schools that want and seek a passionate student body. Examples of how passion is valued in applicants is found in comments from admissions executives at three such colleges, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and Art Center. Poet W.B. Yeats offers us: “Education is not about the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.“

2.  Learn practical ways to find great colleges, write impressive essays, and find exciting and useful internships.


Writing a standout essay can make all the difference in generating an acceptance letter. Passion Spark guides you to translate your passion into an impressive essay or personal statement for your application. There are many tools available to the college bound that can make more time-efficient their search, exploration, and evaluation of colleges for applicants’ consideration. Passion Spark has researched the top tools and makes them available to its participants within the scope of the Retreat Workshop.

Click here to see comments about passion from UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS EXECUTIVES.

3.  Embrace key success factors like perseverance, taking initiative, problem solving, and career networking.


Educators are aware of the key skills that best supports success for students, into college and beyond into careers, have identified key success factors. When students embrace and practice these skills their academic lives, and the outcomes they produce, occur more easily and consistently.

4.  Create a “Career Design Team” of peers that provide you ongoing support and brainstorming.


Multiple times throughout the retreat participants will form into the same small teams to support each other in designing their careers. The teams gather to listen, explore, and learn from each other after self-reflection or after full group (of 25) exercises. As each successive gathering occurs, the level of knowing and trusting each small group member generally increases. Small groups are invited and encouraged to set regulars times to meet after the retreats ends.

5.  Fully engage your personality as you consider your best career options.

Passion Spark developers researched excellent options to enable participants to engage their personalities and consider how it relates to their career options. The selected tool has been used by one-third of Fortune 500 companies. It provides an additional viewpoint for participants to connect with their Passion and career options. Taken together, these multiple views support participants in developing confidence about their chosen passion and first career focus.

6.  Track your successes systematically to support your college and job applications.


Many work diligently to accomplish meaningful successes, and many times these accomplishments and successes are lost or misplaced or become too difficult to retrieve. This retreat provides a simple method for systematically maintaining these personal assets for use when applying to colleges and jobs.

7.  Add true excitement to your life and your education path going forward.


When your work, whether in school or the workplace, is aligned with a true Passion that lives within you then your “work” is much more likely to be a “joy.” When your work is a joy, life is more effortless, your accomplishments come more easily and with more satisfaction, and you look forward to getting up each day to further engage your passion. Life becomes truly exciting.

Of course a balanced life brings sustainable satisfaction. As young adults choose to create their own households, the practical side of monthly financial obligations is real. We also know that there is truth behind other wisdoms such as reportedly by Confucius when he admonished us to “do what we love and we’ll never work a day in our lives.” The Passion Spark retreat explores both ends of this question to guide participants forward to a satisfying life.


8.  Greatly expand your consideration of career options.


Most everyone has very little knowledge about all of their career options that are available and consistent with a career in alignment with their passion. How could we? There are thousands of options just in the field of engineering. And what about art, aerospace, science, math, carpentry, and fine arts? This retreat, step-by-steps brings before you excellent career options fitting for your passion – most of which you probably never even heard about.

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