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STEP TWO Registration Form for Passion Spark Retreat

This STEP TWO form is the final step to reserve your place in the Retreat.


This page lets you

apply to the

Passion Spark Retreat

after completing

the STEP ONE Registration Form

and choosing

your start dates. 

To view the 

STEP ONE Registration Form

Click here.

We look forward to you joining us

for the Passion Spark Retreat

on the dates confirmed

in the email recently sent to you.

Our experience guides this Application in order to support outstanding outcomes for all participants.  Our Application contains three parts:

First, please share a bit about yourself;

Second, please agree to all points in our Community Agreement; and

Third, follow the link to pay for your Retreat tuition.

?Questions, contact us at

Optional: Group Liaison description and application:

Passion Spark Retreat STEP TWO Registration Form 
in 3 sections

First, please share your contact information, and then a bit about yourself:

Your thoughtful responses in the boxes below will support our efforts to create good compatible groups of Retreat participants for a high quality Retreat experience for all.

Second, our Community Agreement is like the rules of a club to support each other in creating the kind of Retreat environment where all can thrive and achieve the successes they are seeking.  Please click the button in front of each agreement point below to confirm that you agree with each of these points and will support creating this environment during your Retreat.

Third, as noted in the STEP ONE Registration Form, to achieve the outcomes from the Retreat that we all want, it is important that all four participants in each Retreat group attend all eight gatherings (as all have agreed in Agreement Point #4 above).  To support this outcome, in addition to the tuition for each participant, there is a $100 deposit which is then returned after that participant attends all eight Retreat gatherings.  This $100 deposit will be credited back to the same credit card that is paying the participant's Retreat tuition.  With your tuition of $395, and the refundable $100 deposit just described, your credit card will be charged a total of $495Please click the link below to pay your Retreat tuition by credit card (on the secure PayPal site).

The Retreat Start Date, and all subsequent Retreat dates, are provided to the applicant after they submit their STEP ONE Registration form. Priority for the next Retreat is given based on the date when they submit their STEP ONE Registration form.

Thank you for your Registration!

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