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Supporting a Current Workplace

The mission of Passion Spark is to support a fulfilling work life.  As is described throughout this website, this objective is accomplished for our individual Retreat participants and, separate from our Retreats, the management of Passion Spark, based on over 40 years of workplace experience, provides organizations with services to support fulfillment among existing co-workers in their current workplace.  We do this in two ways:  1.  CivilityPoll, and 2.  Fresh Air Research services.  

Acting civilly is a choice that most of us prefer.  However, unintentionally, in moments of stress or in reactive behavior, many of us may act uncivilly


CivilityPoll is a focused experience for co-workers that increases civil behavior.  See link below.


Fresh Air Research is a co-worker process for organizations that produces a breath of fresh air into an organization’s current environment while being prescriptive for a path forward.  It collects employee’s subjective opinions and then quantifies them within a research report.  See link below.​

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