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The full Passion Spark Retreat takes place during 40 hours of participant focus, which occurs weekly, over eight weeks, including 16 hours of self-reflection when not in the group.  In sum, the full Retreat includes: 1. Identifying one's personal passions and selecting a favorite; 2. Matching one's passion to a specific career focus; and 3. Exploring and listing the key action steps required to manifest one's dream career.   The full Retreat guides you to the enthusiasm that is you, to your natural motivation, and to a place where you glow with confidence.  A more robust description is at

Taste of Passion Spark

This brief 75-minute workshop, described below, was derived from the full Passion Spark Retreat.  It prompt participants to reflections, writings, and group conversations.  This brief format provides an experiential introduction to the full Retreat format.  This "Taste of Passion Spark" enables insights of our action-focused workshop and is a refreshing break, and a stimulating experience, within the workday.   


To read an overview of this mini-Retreat, click on the PDF below.  The PDF can be downloaded to facilitate distribution to others

To learn more about this brief workshops, or to bring one of these mini-workshops to your organization, please email us.  Thank you.

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