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Research Findings:  Segue Career Mentors

Historically, Segue provided over 90,000 Student Career Exposures (SCEs:  One SCE is one exposure to one career option by one live in-class speaker).  Segue produced outstanding outcomes as measured by Harvard University and California Lutheran University, as well as by student and teacher testimonials.  Please scroll to see university research and student and teacher testimonials.

Feedback from Students and Teachers





o "I'm now motivated to try and get better grades and take more important classes instead of just a bunch of electives.  We've learned to do extra curricular things that relate to what you are interested in."  R.D.



o "It really motivated me because I had been a little rocky and now I got going.  [Segue] helped me start planning earlier for my future.  I didn't have a particular idea and now I'm a dental assistant.  After this [hearing speakers], I got into ROP.  Now I've got a career and I don't have to worry about it.  I saw how I needed my high school diploma.  I can make good money now because I wasn’t lazy; kept going to get more education.  The dentist I'm working for is paying so I can become a dental hygienist.  Thought I'd get a little job one day; now have higher expectations that you can do more in your life."    S.C.



o "Speakers showed that you can overcome any obstacle to achieve what you want.  Professions take time to get to.  Do your best in school and you'll succeed if you stay at it -- you'll have your chances at bat."    K.J.



o "If you don't put time and effort into what you want to do, then you don't get to where you want to get.  ...helped me see if I want to do something then I can; if I work hard, I can get better grades.  You begin with practicing and learning how you get up there and what you have to do to succeed."    D.M.



o "It was really interesting when the speakers showed us what they did and what got them to that point.  It showed me that you can do it if you put your work into it that you can make it.  It gave me a more realistic and positive view than I had.  Not sure what I want to do, but that if I put my effort into it I can get a good job." It did help me a lot.    RG



o "I liked the speakers.  I liked the nurse.  She explained the path it takes to get the job.  I became motivated to find out what I want to do and what I need to do to achieve it.  Helped me think if it would be nice to have that job, if it was something you'd want to do.  Learned to try to get good grades to get into college, to do the best you can do; that I should start thinking about what I want to do. "    PC



o "The speakers motivated me to realize that I need to get good grades to get into good colleges and to then get into a good company.  Helped me think about what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I definitely learned about new career options.  I didn't know you can start your own business like the lady did who designs T-shirts on the computer."   KJ



"Learned about new careers.…didn't know what I wanted to do -- nice seeing some jobs. Made me think my future was closer. Helped me decide what do I want to do, what kind of education do I need for that.  Showed me specifics in an area I want to do so it was helpful.  Then I spoke with my parents about what they thought I could do, and what they thought.  They told me other stuff that was in the same [career] areas.


o "Motivated me to get better grades for college and not have to do extra stuff at the end to make it.  Made me think that my future was way closer than I thought before.


o "Taught me how long you'd have to go to school for the different careers.  Interesting to see other careers that I hadn't thought of before.  "     CM



o "It's really helping me in deciding about other careers out there and what paths you have to take to get there -- and how much money you make.  Learned about new options, what else is out there.  They kind of opened my future more, broadened my horizons.  Made me realize that to get where I want to I have to work hard.  Helped in learning what classes to take.


o "Motivating to hear about two of the speakers who went to college and how I should never give up.  Really informative.  Want more speakers.  Helped with seeing what you want to do in your future and to put more into it since its getting closer and you need to start thinking about it more.  Spoke with my mom about what your future can be."    HE



o "Gave me an idea of what they went through to get their career; went to college; later changed their major.  Motivated me to not fall behind, to look into community service, to keep grades up.  Seeing someone talking to us made me see that I can do what I want to do and be like that one day.  Made my future more real.


o "Told my mom they had come into classes.  My mom said to keep my head up and go for it!  She said that she didn't get to do what she wanted to do, but I can.


o "A lot of kids think they are too young, but there really are kids that are listening and being motivated and thinking I really should start paying attention to what I want to do."    MV



o "It was really interesting when the speakers showed us what they did and what got them to that point.  A clothing designer showed ways to do it easily; start small, stay with it, and get to a bigger place.


o "It did help me a lot.  It showed me that you can do it if you put your work into it, then you can make it.  It gave me a more positive and realistic picture of the future than I had."


o "Not sure what I wanted to do, but that if I put my effort into it then I can get a good job.  For me, I like school and I'd like more speakers to come in and speak about the future.  It gives you an idea about your future.  It helps you."    RG





o Like the minority speakers


o Like the message: long term goals are achievable


o The speakers were willing to come and openly share experiences in a variety of ways as to how and why they arrived at his/her career.


o It is good for students to interact with adults in the community and find that they might have common ground or aspirations similar


o Every speaker who came when scheduled was prepared, well-spoken and professional. I appreciated their desire to really help kids, that was apparent in every speaker.


o All the speakers were comfortable speaking to our students. They shared valuable information with our students regarding "real-life" jobs our students might want to pursue.


o Everything! It's easy, informative, stimulating. Both teachers and speakers can opt in easily. The students buy in and it incentivizes them and provides much needed info on what they have to do to get the jobs they want or enter a career path


o 1. The variety of speakers 2. Each speakers background story of overcoming obstacles 3. The ease with which speakers were scheduled 4. The connection for kids to the community


o Opportunity for community speakers to visit our school and for my students to discover career alternatives


o Segue enhanced my ability as a teacher to communicate life lessons to my students from another source, namely the guest speakers. The speakers reinforced many of the character traits/life skills I try to emphasize throughout the year. Also, having the students meet adults from all walks of life, doing all sorts of jobs, was beneficial for their understanding of the diversity of options they may have with a high school diploma.


o Variety of speakers and careers, ease of sign-up, relevance to students. I will participate next year.


o Love the great people coming in to talk to these kids about the real world of work.


o I like the presenters, they all have a wonderful message about how they got to their career and the journey before landing a career.

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