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Passion Seder

An orderly adventure to meet your enthusiasm,

your natural motivation, and to glow with confidence.

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As it has always been, the path to freedom begins inside ourselves,

in the place that combines our heart and mind,

a place also known as inner knowing. 

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Passion Seder offers an orderly path to freedom

for now and the rest of our lives.

The founders of Passion Spark came to see that the step-by-step "order"

of the curriculum they developed reminded them of the order (Seder)

that they came to know in their tradition of the Passover Seder.

Science Student

Where the Passover Seder recounts the orderly re-telling of the history

of the exodus of the Jewish people to freedom 4,000 years ago,

the Passion Seder, via Passion Spark,

will guide you to the enthusiasm that is you, to your natural motivation,

and to a place where you glow with confidence.

If this Retreat interests you,

please see the summary below,

visit, and

consider completing the Contact Form below.

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