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"Come out, come out,

wherever you are!"

Your life awaits you.

Do what you love

AND earn a good living.



what you love ...

in an adventure

to meet yourself.  


This retreat will guide you

to the enthusiasm that is you, to your natural motivation, and to a place where you glow with confidence.

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin

OllieOllieOxenFree, via Passion Spark,

invites its participants to a lived experience of a personal journey

to a healthy balance among personal fulfillment, career, and income. 

The history of our civilization offers overwhelming evidence

that the path to freedom begins by engaging one's inner knowing.

Science Student

Passion Spark offers a genuine path to personal freedom

for now and the rest of your life.


The Retreat's step-by-step proven curriculum

guides individuals, at any age,

to their inner knowing for their first, or next, career.

If this Retreat interests you,

please see the summary below,

visit, and

consider completing the Contact Form below.

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