Menu of Online Mini-Workshops for Co-workers


Separate from the 1-2 hour mini-workshops described below, the full Passion Spark Retreat is a 20-hour small group experience which takes place during eight weekly gathering.  The Retreat guides and prompts participants to look inward at their natural knowing, connect with what they’d really like to do in life, their passions, choose a favorite, and then match that passion to a career that engages their passion to provide a fulfilling work life.

Menu of Single-topic Mini-Workshops (1-2 hours each)

These single topic online workshops, described below, were derived from the Passion Spark Retreat.  They prompt participants to reflections, writings, and group conversations.  This shorter format, and its singular focus, enables the benefits and insights of these action-focused workshops to be a refreshing break and stimulating experience within the workday.   


To read an overview of any of these mini-workshops, click on the PDF to the right of the workshop title.  Overviews can also be downloaded to facilitate distribution to other co-workers. 

To learn more about any of these workshops, or to bring one of these mini-workshops to your organization, please email us.  Thank you.

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