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Individuals: Join us to foster productive satisfying lives

When you support local youth to a positive future the ripple effect benefits the whole community.  Passion Spark is about “intelligently matching passion to career.” 


When a young adult owns what they want to do with their life, and takes action to make it happen, we all win. 


Action you could take might be to introduce the parent of a young person to this Passion Spark website, and maybe they’ll share it with their child.  Or, contact the Director of Passion Spark directly and share your idea with him and maybe who you’d like him to meet (


Gallup Research finds that 70% of the workforce is unsatisfied.  The Conference Board finds 53% are unhappy.  Let’s support young people to uncover what passion lives within them, then match that passion to a productive and satisfying career.


A dissatisfying work life can cause stress in employees, not infrequently high levels of stress.  Outcomes from stress can result in physical and mental illness, dysfunctional families, and drug addictions.

In light of the factors just described, a hypothesis arises and Passion Spark has begun to demonstrate that:  IF a young adult who focuses their education on the external world so as to one day earn a living, additionally follows an introspective path to their internal passion and then matches their passion to a career, THEN the following sequence is likely to occur.  They will:

(a) significantly increase the likelihood of one day having a satisfying career;

(b) significantly reduce career-related stress in their lives;

(c) experience less physical or psychological ill health;

(d) bring significantly less stress and dysfunction to their family environment;

(e) provide better parenting to their children; and

(f) significantly reduce the likelihood that their children will follow their same or similar generational pattern of a less productive and less satisfying life. 

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