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Group Liaison (GL) Description 

Group Liaison Description and Interest Form 


Being the Group Liaison, GL, is a unique leadership opportunity to both

lead, and be an equal, among members of your Retreat's small group.


As GL, you would be the liaison between the Passion Spark curriculum and the members of your six-member Retreat Gathering.


Passion Spark makes it easy for the GL to share with other members

each portion of the Retreat during its step-by-step curriculum.

All Group Liaisons will be fully briefed on all aspects of the GL role, during your interview, prior to the start of the Retreat.


All GL questions will be answered during your interview.

The primary steps of the GL role are the following: 

   • Sending PDFs to group members by using zoom's “Chat” function

   • Copy and paste into zoom Chat various URLs related to the Retreat

   • Turning on and off background music via zoom

   • After explained, using zoom's “share screen" to share videos


Although these are basic steps, it's important to all Retreat members that the GL is caring and focused.  The GL position is offered to those whom we believe would enjoy this role

and who are capable of doing  it.

As our way of saying "Thank You”

for supporting your Retreat group in this way,

Passion Spark pays the GL $100 at the conclusion of the Retreat.

If you would like to be considered for the GL role, 

please complete the contact form below, add your "Interest Paragraph, and then click the link at the bottom to submit this form.  After receiving  your submitted form, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Thank you!

Contact Form and Interest Paragraph for GL Role
Select your peer group from this list

IMPORTANT:  Please complete the box below to describe your interest in being selected for the Group Liaison role.  Passion Spark will contact you for a brief interview,, and to answer any questions you may have, as part of our process to select the GL. Thank you for your interest in being selected as the GL for your Retreat group!

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