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STEP ONE of Two Step Registration


This page is

for the $100

Friends Discount.

To register


without the

Friends Discount

click here.

FIRST of TWO Registration STEPS for the

$100 Friends Discount

(Limit: One Friend Discount per registrant)


Easy way to receive the Friends Discount:

1. To claim the Friends Discount, each of the two friends, separately, submit their own STEP ONE Registration Form (below).  Each friend names the other friend where requested in the space provided.  Since the Retreat is online, applicant may invite a friend that lives in any city and join in the same Retreat (on eight Saturday mornings from 9:30 AM to 12 NOON, Pacific Time).


2. After Passion Spark receives this form from each friend, we will reply by email and send each friend a $100 discount code for use when completing their separate STEP TWO Registration Form and paying their Retreat tuition, described below, to reserve their place in the Retreat.

3. Of course, both friends must choose the same "Start Dates" on this Step One form below to ensure that both friends are in the same Retreat group.  Both friends should coordinate to select as many "Start Dates" as possibleAfter this form is received from both friends, an invitation will be sent to both friends to complete the Second Step and pay their tuition.

STEP ONE Registration Form 
Select your peer group from this list

Online Retreat Gatherings:  Each of the eight small group gatherings of the Retreat are comprised of four members of your peer group, as described below.  Each Saturday gathering begin at 9:30 a.m. and continues until noon +/- 15 minutes.

When we are between scheduled Start Dates, we operate on a prioritized "Waiting List" system.  Priority is given based on the date when applicants submit this STEP ONE Registration and check the box, "Add to Waiting List."


Coordinating with your friend for the Friends Discount is easy.

Use this box below to enter the first and last name of your friend who is joining you in the Retreat.  Coordinate with your friend so that your friend does two things: 1. They enter your first and last name in this same box below on their own STEP ONE form; and 2. They choose the same Retreat Start Date options as you have chosen. 


Once your and your friend’s forms are both received, they, like you, will receive a $100 discount code for use in the SECOND STEP of Registration, which includes paying participant's tuition.

Thanks for submitting!

[No payment is required until submitting the STEP TWO Registration Form.]

Retreat Tuition

Once the STEP ONE Registration forms are received from both friends, a

$100 discount code will be sent to you and to your friend.  Upon entering the discount code during the STEP TWO Registration, the standard tuition of $295 will be reduced by $100, for a Retreat tuition of $195.  

To achieve the outcomes from the Retreat that we all want, it is important that all four participants in each Retreat group attend all eight gatherings.  To support this outcome, in addition to the tuition for each participant, there is a $100 deposit which is then returned after that participant attends all eight Retreat gatherings.  This $100 deposit will be credited back to the same credit card that pays the participant's Retreat tuition.


Your tuition of $195, plus the refundable $100 deposit just described, totaling $295, will be requested during STEP TWO of Registration. 

[In the event that your application is not approved, or if the selected Start Date becomes unavailable, the full tuition and deposit will be quickly refunded to the credit card that was used for payment.]

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