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Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

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CareerCHAT is a no-cost member benefit for peer graduates

of a Passion Spark Retreat.  Members lead the group discussions for the purpose of providing each other caring ongoing peer support related to achieving their Passion Career.  An optional agenda to support group meetings is available.

CareerCHAT members decide by consensus the composition of each group meeting which may, or may not, include the following:


Check-in updates

Members listen to each other's "check-in updates," suggest networking opportunities, invite guest speakers, and more as determined by the members of each group. 


Frequency of meetings

CareerCHAT meets online via Zoom every month, or more, or less often, as the group members decide on a consensus basis. 



A group leader is chosen by members to lead 2 meetings, or more, as determined by the will of the group. 


Content of each meeting

As noted, the content of each meeting is subject to the choice of group members.  Noted below are some optional ideas for content that is provided by Passion Spark.

Connection to Passion Spark Retreats  

CareerCHAT provides Passion Spark graduates an excellent process to support long-term career satisfaction, with a process to discover or rediscover their passion.  It can gently guide participants to their core passions, then offer supportive ideas to connect a chosen passion to a satisfying and fulfilling career. 

CareerCHAT Activities [suggested]

CareerCHAT is a resource that was developed to enable the ongoing support from peers from the same Passion Spark Retreat.  Passion Spark provides initial guidance for set-up, as described below, and then it's up to CareerCHAT members to decide by consensus how to organize their meetings in a way that supports them, such as choosing the length of time for each meeting.

First-half of Meeting: “The go-around” [suggested]

It is suggested that each meeting begin with a “go-around” to enable each member the time to briefly update other members what’s on their mind about their future career options. The content of a member's go-around may include news since the last meeting, specific knowledge they have about a career, personal experience, current beliefs, comments, feelings related to a future career, questions, concerns, excitement, wonder, and everything else.


All members give their attention to each member as they speak for two minutes, with no interruptions.  Members who do not have the floor hold back from speaking until it’s their turn.  The time limit enables many/all members to speak at each meeting, one after the other, in pre-set random order.  

Second-half: “Center Stage,” Invited Guest Speakers, or…  [suggested]

After the go-around, the focus can go to one member who now speaks as if on “Center Stage” for several minutes about anything they've been thinking about related to their future career.  A member's Center Stage is focused on their career plan and beyond a "go-around" update.  Content they "share" may include opinions, ideas, and possible myths they have heard or read about their planned career.  Other members can then provide feedback, agreement, expand on anything the member shared, or share alternate opinions.  These kind shares are intended to provide additional thinking for the Center Stage member to consider and they move forward into the reality of choosing a new career, perhaps related or unrelated to their current career. 


After the Center Stage member speaks, other members are invited to offer kind and caring feedback or questions to the Center Stage focus person, and to genuinely support the member as he/she considers the career option that was just shared.  Any member may have a turn on Center Stage by adding his/her name to the end of a sign-up list.  Often, the planned length of each gathering can accommodate one, two, or three Center Stage talks by members.


Group members decide to set aside this time for Center Stage(s) or, alternatively, from time to time, for invited guest speakers, or to discuss insights they gathered from their Informational Interviews, or for any related chosen purpose.

Guest Speakers and Special Events [suggested]

Since the organization, and content, of each meeting is up to you and those in your group, you might also want to invite a guest speaker from time to time to share with the group any topic that you may find useful.  Maybe the speaker can share lessons about their personal journey in careers, or about exciting career path options, or tips for applying to colleges; or if you are in a mid-career group, tips on how to leave a current career gracefully.  Perhaps your chosen speaker would share about a useful philosophy to support a high quality of life.

Similarly, the group gatherings don't always have to be on zoom.  You decide jointly.  Perhaps you meet in person whenever that makes sense.  Or perhaps you attend a seminar together to support your career.  Or perhaps you just meet for fun over dinner, or at Magic Mountain.  It's all up to you and your initiative.

To inquire about your participation in CareerCHAT,

and the method for maintaining it for complementary gatherings, 

send an email

with subject line "CareerCHAT"


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