Student Voices:  Passion Spark Participants

Passion Ventures from Past Years

by Jerry Beckerman

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In a partnership with Scholastic, they wrote this book so that they could attach

to it our patented tree-kit (below), and distribute via their national book clubs.

 Tree kit scholastic book.png

Patented tree-starter kit, front and back

 Tree kit front.png
 Student with tree kit.png

In 1976, founded Cookies & Milk, the second chocolate chip cookie store in the United States, with 12 varieties of chocolate chip cookies.  Later, developed a package for broad distribution to supermarkets and other retailers.

 Cookies & Milk carton.png
Cookie row poster.png
Cookie article 1977.png

Founded and trademarked Nutcrackers in four varieties, arranged for contract-manufacturing, and distributed the line into supermarkets and other retailers nationally in the US.  A radio commercial example follows below.

 Nutcrackers front package.png
 Nutcrackers back package.png

(Begins after eight second pause)

01 Nutcrackers Radio spot good
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Founded the nonprofit Segue Career Mentors and facilitated 90,000 Student Career Exposures (SCEs).  A university study found that 86% of participating students were more likely to believe that "more effort now = more options in their future."  A Harvard University study found, at the 95% confidence level, that those who received five or more SCEs, were significantly more likely to have success in "College Intentions," "Mastery Orientation," and "Future Talk."

Segue Spelling Bee Press Star1of2.png
Segue Spelling Bee Press Star2of2.png
Adults hold a spelling bee that's not bu
00:00 / 03:55

Cosmopolitan Cafe:  Pilot in Century City (Los Angeles)  

Food cart and product breaks down for transportation in automobile

 Cosmopolitan Cafe cart photo.png
 Opine brochure 2 of 3.png
 Opine brochure 3 of 3.png

GreetingBox Greeting Card.  Standard size, 5"x7", printed on cardboard, has perforations that enable folding into a 2" cube, weighing less than one ounce, and meeting all USPS mailing rules.

 Greeting Box.png

BoxDice Sports Games:  Seven classic sports, plus Spell Sport,

model "zero-waste" packaging where the package folds up into

the product, with storage case.  Detail for soccer shown below.

 BoxDice games.png
Soccer single item.png
Soccer open pack.png
Soccer all out w case.png
 Healthsnack logo.png
 Slot car.png

Side A of bag

 First Sight FSA side B.png

Side B of bag

 First Sight FSA.png

Six Varieties Quick Cook Bean Side Dishes

Developed for Seaside Products (California Dry Bean Advisory Board)

Bean Association product.png
Charter mustard.png
Charter vanilla.png
Charter salad dressings.png