Student Voices:  Passion Spark Participants

Passion Ventures from Past Years

by Jerry Beckerman

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Scholastic nationally distributed book with attached tree-kit (below)

 Tree kit scholastic book.png

Patented tree-starter kit, front and back

 Tree kit front.png
 Student with tree kit.png
 Cookies & Milk carton.png
Cookie row poster.png
Cookie article 1977.png
 Nutcrackers front package.png
 Nutcrackers back package.png

(Begins after eight second pause)

01 Nutcrackers Radio spot good
00:00 / 01:14
Segue Spelling Bee Press Star1of2.png
Segue Spelling Bee Press Star2of2.png
Adults hold a spelling bee that's not bu
00:00 / 03:55

Pilot in Century City (Los Angeles)  

Food cart and product breaks down for transportation in automobile

 Cosmopolitan Cafe cart photo.png
 Opine brochure 2 of 3.png
 Opine brochure 3 of 3.png
 Greeting Box.png
 BoxDice games.png
Soccer single item.png
Soccer open pack.png
Soccer all out w case.png
 Healthsnack logo.png
 Slot car.png

Side A of bag

 First Sight FSA side B.png

Side B of bag

 First Sight FSA.png

Six Varieties Quick Cook Bean Side Dishes

Developed for Seaside Products (California Dry Bean Advisory Board)

Bean Association product.png
Charter mustard.png
Charter vanilla.png
Charter salad dressings.png