Registration & Pre-registration

We welcome you to join us during our next online Retreat for your peer group at a time that works for you.  

Our next Retreat is for high school students, begins on October 20th, and continues twice a week for 4 weeks.

A $100 discount is available if you register by         

September 30th (discount code: HIGHSCHOOL).

Please click here to learn details and to REGISTER.

Retreats for OTHER peer groups are also forming for the Passion Spark Retreats.  Peer groups are listed below.

Please click here to email us to let us know your peer group and we will reply and let you know when is the next available Retreat for your peer group.

Within your email, please include your name and contact information, your city, your age, and which of the four peer groups noted below is most fitting for you.

Peer Group Options

  • Mid-career professionals who now find a lack of passion in their work and would love to have some.  

  • College Alumni who have not yet found a career or an internship that they are passionate about.

  • College Students who have not yet found a college major focused on a career they are passionate about.

  • High School Students who would love to connect with a passion that lives within them and match it to a career.

"Intelligently matching passion to career"