Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

jumpstart your Gap Year adventure!

are you ...

one, like many,

who is unsure 

about your future?

considering a Gap Year

to refresh, pause the train, and step off to self-discovery?

During Passion Spark Retreats a caring environment emerges among participants which is almost magical as those attending support each other in the process of discovery.

The balance between doing what we love and what earns us a living is a lifelong activity.  Passion Spark guides its participants to answer it now, and offers a way to do so throughout life.  Participants love the unfolding as they see more of themselves.

ready to let your passions

guide you to do what you love and also earn a good living?

ready to consider if college is right for you and, if it is, to discover what you want to do so you can graduate in 4 years and save $10,000's by not spending extra years in college trying to figure it out?

This retreat adventure may be the chance of a lifetime that few people will ever experience.  It's not a course with a grade. It’s time just for your own personal self-discovery.  It's a great way to jumpstart your Gap Year adventure.  

When will you ever get to do that again?

"Intelligently matching passion to career"