Testimonials from Parents of Students

Comments from Parents of Students

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“My daughter, Sarah, loved the retreat. She has found a passion to pursue and if she finds out along her road that maybe it isn’t for her, she now has the tools to look into and pursue other areas she is passionate about!”

“I appreciate my daughter’s recharge for school as she understands how her current academics apply.”

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“While my other son was in high school, it wasn’t until it was time to apply to colleges that he began thinking and stressing about what he wanted to do as a future career. As a freshman at UCLA, he is still trying to decide if he has made a wise choice of his major.”

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“Both teens felt the instructors were great. I truly appreciate that my children received this enlightening opportunity and most definitely feel the program was beneficial.”

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“My daughter expressed her desire to pursue her dreams on a daily basis – one small step at a time. I am grateful she understands that the biggest dreams all have much smaller steps that are consistently achieved.”

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“I feel like Sarah is in a much better position to be able to find a path that she is passionate about and will be able to embrace it with confidence!”

“I really wish my son had the benefit of the Passion Spark Retreat Workshop and the mentors or he wouldn’t be in this uncomfortable unknowing position that he is in.”

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“Ash liked the retreat and said all the participants were positive and motivated. She said it provided her with insight on how to research careers and apply for colleges when the time comes. She also said the food was delicious.”

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“Passion Spark was needed to give her a better sense of direction and a solid starting point. Passion Spark immediately gave her confidence and an awareness of her talents and interests.”

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“She is more organized with her assignments and time management because she understands the importance of these character traits to her future profession.”

“It has taken a lot of the stress away from looming college applications and life’s big decisions! She really has benefited from what she has taken away from the workshop!”

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“She attended as a high school sophomore. She loved the facilitators and her fellow attendees.”

“Jake liked the relaxed atmosphere, said the people were nice, and the college grounds of the location were awesome.”

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“My daughter Billie was unsure and nervous about her future and potential career choices that would satisfy her both financially and emotionally.”

“By the end of the program, she had developed a much more specific plan for her career that well suits her. She enjoyed meeting other teens that related to her situation throughout the process.”