Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Scholarships to Attend the Retreat

Leaders are needed in all career fields

from engineers to carpenters to doctors to artists to all of us.

We invite you to join us with

a committed pod of your peers

on a unique path to discover

your passion on the way to a

satisfying and fulfilling career.

Participants of all backgrounds are invited.*

Multiracial students are walking in univ

Join one of our 5 Peer Groups

  • Those in mid-career who now find a lack of passion in their work and would love to have some.  

  • College Alumni who have not yet found a career or an internship that they are passionate about.

  • Military Veterans seeking guidance to a satisfying and fulfilling civilian career. Click here to see veterans page.

  • College Students who have not yet found a college major focused on a career they are passionate about.

  • High School Students who would love to connect with a passion that lives within them and match it to a career.

  • A "Certificate of Completion" is provided after the 8 Gatherings.


During Passion Spark Retreats a caring environment emerges among participants which is almost magical as those attending support each other in the process of discovery.  


The balance between doing what we love and what earns us a living is a lifelong activity.  Passion Spark guides its participants to answer it now, and offers a way to do so throughout life.  Participants love the unfolding as they see more of themselves.

College Students

Continue life’s journey by getting clear on what you really want.  After this Retreat, you'll be able to demonstrate in your applications for schools and careers what those judging want most:  Applicants who know what they want, now, and are passionate about achieving it.  What you take away from this Retreat adventure will support you to stand out competitively in your college and career job applications. 

This 8-Gathering Retreat

is designed for people who really want to be there. We aren’t for everyone, but we may be for you!  High school and college students, college alumni, veterans, and those in mid-career who are ready for a new challenge, may apply.

It’s a chance to get off the train of life, hit the pause button, and have time to reflect about what in life brings you joy, match that passion to a satisfying career, and then start on the path to it. 


This process of discovery or rediscovery occurs during 8 Retreat Gatherings with your peers during 2.5 hours.  

Click here to see Retreat game boards.

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin

The team at Passion Spark have been helping young men and women become exceptional versions of  themselves. The workshops and resources they provide to students help my students transform before my eyes.  Really, it’s a blessing to observe.

Marissa Carroll, Director of College Counseling
Villanova Preparatory School [read full letter]


Reduce college cost – and your time. When you are more clear on where you are going, you can graduate in four years, and not five or six years (as do 53% of American students).  This saves you $10 to $85,000 for each extra year that is not required.

Chefs in Action

Depending on the each Retreat's format, caring coaches and/or peers engage each other and guide you in focused and gentle ways.  Retreats occur in council circles in pods of 4 to 28, in small discussion groups, and in moments of individual reflection. 

Shaking Hands

Knowing your passion guides you to decide which colleges, which majors, which career jobs, which vocations, and which education paths are best for you. If you want a career that you like so much that, when you are working it’s not “work” at all, then this Retreat is for you. You are invited to live the dream Confucius described 3000 years ago when he said: “Do what you love and never work a day in your life.”

To view a video of past Retreat participants, experts in the field, and testimonials, please click here


You’ll be very glad you looked closely at this important option to consider a new life trajectory.  

Science Student
Audio Engineer

This retreat adventure may be the chance of a lifetime that few people will ever experience.  It's not a course with a grade, or a supervisor's evaluation to worry about. It’s time just for your own personal self-discovery.  It's time you set aside just for you, with caring support, to look inside at these big ideas.  When will you ever get to do that again?

Young Doctor

Passion Spark has long been committed to social equity, and provides scholarships to up to 25% of its participants.  Historically, in a program with a similar mission, we served over 50,000 low to very low income students.  A bit more of our history is at this link.