STEP ONE of Two Step Registration

We welcome you to join us for a Passion Spark Retreat. 


To register for the Passion Spark Retreat, please complete the STEP ONE Registration Form below, and select as many "Start Date" options as can work for you.  Submitting this form is the first of two steps.


Retreat Tuition is described below this form. 

After we receive your preferences for Start Dates, we will invite you

to complete the STEP TWO Registration and pay the tuition. 

STEP ONE Registration Form 
Select your peer group from this list

Online Retreat Gatherings:  Each of the eight small group gatherings of the Retreat are comprised of four members of your peer group, as described below.  Each Saturday gathering begin at 9:30 a.m. and continues until noon +/- 15 minutes.

When we are between scheduled Start Dates, we operate on a prioritized "Waiting List" system.  Priority is given based on the date when applicants submit this STEP ONE Registration and check the box, "Add to Waiting List."

Thanks for submitting!

[No payment is required until submitting the STEP TWO Registration Form.]

Retreat Tuition

To achieve the outcomes from the Retreat that we all want, it is important that all four participants in each Retreat group attend all eight gatherings.  To support this outcome, in addition to the tuition for each participant, there is a $100 deposit which is then returned after that participant attends all eight Retreat gatherings.  This $100 deposit will be credited back to the same credit card that pays the participant's tuition.


With an individual Retreat Tuition of $295, and the $100 refundable deposit, your credit card will be charged a total of $395 during the STEP TWO of Registration.  As noted, the $100 deposit will be credited back to the same credit card that pays the participant's Retreat tuition.

You are welcome to apply individually by using the form above, or, if you engage a friend to join you at the Retreat, you can both receive a $100 discount code (click here for information on the Friends Discount). 


Group discounts are available for organizations who sponsor multiple Retreats.  To learn about partial individual scholarships, email us and request our "Scholarship Form" within your email after clicking here.

[In the event that your SECOND STEP registration is not approved, or if the selected Start Date becomes unavailable, the full tuition and deposit paid will be quickly refunded to your credit card.]