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STEP ONE of Two Step Registration

We welcome you to join us for a Passion Spark Retreat. 


To begin registration for the Passion Spark Retreat, please complete this STEP ONE Registration Form so that we may learn your preferred Start Dates. Submitting this form is the first of two steps.

No payment is required until you submit your STEP TWO Registration.

After we receive your preferences for Start Dates, we will invite you

to complete the STEP TWO Registration and pay your tuition.

Tuition is described here below the STEP ONE Registration Form.

STEP ONE Registration Form 

Online Retreat Gatherings:  Each of the eight small group gatherings of the Retreat are comprised of six members of your peer group, as described below.  Each Saturday gathering begin at 9:30 a.m. and continues until 12:30 +/- 15 minutes.  Options for days other than Saturday are available if arranged in advance.

Select your peer group from this list
We operate on a prioritized “Wait List” system. To be added to our Wait List, please first click a box below to indicate your preference for your Retreat “Start Date,” and then, below, click to be added to the Wait List. Priority is based on the date when you submit this STEP ONE Registration.
After selecting your prefered Retreat "Start Date," above, please check box below to be added to our Wait List. We will notify you soon after the peer group is selected for your Retreat. If the "Start Date" selected is not a fit for you, you can opt out and not pay any tuition. Priority is based on date of submission of this STEP ONE form.

[No payment is made until submitting the STEP TWO Registration Form.]

Thanks for submitting!

Retreat Tuition

As noted above, no tuition is paid until your STEP TWO Registration form is submitted. 


Within the STEP TWO Registration, the individual Retreat Tuition of $395 is requested, and there is a $100 refundable deposit.  Your credit card will be charged a total of $495.  Your $100 deposit will be returned after you, or your participant, attends all eight Retreat gathering.  


Group discounts are available for organizations who sponsor multiple Retreats.  To learn about group discounts, or partial individual scholarships, email us at

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